Bolo Gurnisson

Banker of the Lucebuio Expedition


Bolo Gurnisson is a quiet sort. He keeps to his books and ledgers with an unnerving focus. Many swear that a more honest and organized banker never lived. Bolo’s eyes have a hard and questioning look to them, and his stony gaze tends to make company uneasy. Despite his silence and demeanor, he is truly a kind fellow. He drinks with a measured attitude that is not normal for a dwarf, such that he is never rowdy.


Bolo was born the second son of a Sycirian noble, and adopted his place in the world as such. Not inheriting his father’s title, he apprenticed with Garstol Brightstone in Trivata and became a well-respected moneylender. It is supposed he has a secretive adventurous side, since he has happened to fund some outlandish schemes. Not surprisingly many of those schemes have become successes.

Bolo Gurnisson

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