Gregg is a balding, middle aged human who reeks of saltwater and piss-poor ale. Many believe he has suffered a few bumps to the noggin, resulting in his overly friendly behavior. One of Gregg’s legs is missing, replaced with a short black lump of wood shaped into a peg. Also missing are the middle finger on his left hand and many of his yellowed teeth. He carries no weapon.


Gregg has been at sea for forty-five years of his short life. Almost at his 36th birthday, he remembers working on three to five boats (dependent on the day) and can name them all with certainty (and slight variances). Recorded boat names are:
The Dalliance
The Silvertide
Sheila’s Stone Cold Vengeance
The Foamswallower
Anabekka II
A Painful Berth (which sank) (twice).
He has been known to attribute his missing leg to an overweight captain and his lover, both of whom which may or may not have fell upon his leg while the ship was bucking in a storm.
His finger has been said to have been stolen by an oversized jellyfish and it’s evil brood.


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