When Trimalago was a bustling center of maritime trade, piracy was quite popular. The largest shelter for piracy came in the form of Lucebiuo. An underground trade city accessible by a grotto, Lucebiuo held a marketplace known to any with a shady connection in Syciria. Only pirates and very brave merchants ever ventured there, but for them, it was a city of splendor and trade.

Known mainly for the incredible bazaar, Lucebiuo also was known for its incredible lighting. Unique among cities of the underground, Lucebiuo used a strange a splendid form of illumination. Kept by a devoted sect of priests, the rocks in the city glowed with a beautiful blue light.


Lucebiuo was lost when the great earthquake caused the entrance to the grotto to collapse. Without landmarks to guide ships to port, the location was lost forever.

Locations of Interest

Magnificent Bazaar, a market for all things legal and otherwise
The Red Stair, a brothel of legendary repute
Temple of Elistrea, goddess of moonlight (or light without the sun)


Winds of Silvertide Geeb