Sycira forms the northwestern shore of the Starlit Sea. Currently, Sycira is a theocracy that passes down civil leadership by bloodlines. The head of state is one Bishop Atorelli, who guides the people under the light of Pelor. Sycira maintains excellent trade relations with it’s neighboring countries.


Theocracy with bloodline civil leadership. The current ruler is Bishop Atorelli. His advisors are many, he keeps merchants and soldiers as company as well as men of the cloth. He rules from the Seat of Authority in Trivata.

Sycira keeps a small navy, but the few ships it does have are outfitted well. Most of Sycira’s military strength comes from the alliances it has made with countries of the Starlit Sea. Sycira does not keep a standing army, only militias and city watch.


Wood, Furs, Gold, Spices

Steel, Iron, Gems, Wool, Silk

Known Sycirians

Samedi the Dwarf
Bolo Gurnisson


Winds of Silvertide Geeb